Innovative Cloud PV Workflow Consists of PowerDRC/LVS toolset from POLYTEDA and Nefelus cloud management system (CMS) specially tailored for EDA needs.

PowerDRC/LVS provides extremely fast and accurate DRC, LVS, NVN, XOR/ Diff, Fill layer generation with easy run configuring and powerful debugging capabilities.

Nefelus CMS allows for convenient and secure management of design data in a cloud with pay-per-use billing of the verification services.

The flow is open – more EDA tools may be included once cloud-ready.


For foundries

  • Addressing foundry challenges in PV
  • Increased sales of foundry proprietary IP
  • Winning clients from competitive fabs
  • Additional revenue from cloud pay-per-use services
  • An alternative PV tool with sign-off quality and qualified rule decks
  • PVCLOUD is ready to integrate more cloud-ready EDA tools
  • Increased productivity of foundry private cloud

For fab clients

  • Much cheaper PV services due to cloud-based SaaS instead of costly annual subscription
  • Maximum hardware efficiency per one rule check due to unique One-Shot processing with proven multi-CPU scalability (up to 64 CPUs)
  • Extremely predictable performance
  • Virtual resources in a cloud (CPU, RAM, HDD) cost notably less than those owned by clients
  • Saving of additional time and resources for PV
  • Always using the latest version of EDA tools, PDKs, DRC/LVS rules, and documentation via foundry account
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