The CMS is an IT software platform built on existing cloud infrastructure technologies to make the IC design process distributed and global for fabs customers.

It provides all the required infrastructure under-the-hood to run PV tools securely and with most possible efficiency on available hardware configuration, 24/7.

The CMS has the following modules:

  1. User account control – responsible for registration, keeps users data and settings
  2. File manager – allows users to operate their data files
  3. HW resources manager – allows users to specify and choose the appropriate CPU/RAM/HDD configuration for their sessions
  4. Multi-session module – allows to create and run several PV sessions (i.e. DRC, LVS, XOR) simultaneously
  5. Billing system – allows users to pay per used time with their credit cards
  6. Data transfer system – responsible for secured/encrypted upload and download of users data. It allows connecting different data transfer providers.
  7. EPR System – tracks resource usage, provides detailed analytics and statistical reports.

Nefelus CMS

  • On demand, dynamic, quota-based allocation of computing resources to
    users, projects, teams
  • Multi-tenant role and privilege-based authorization and access system
  • Big data multi-processing and large scale of machines and services
  • Management of cloud services (web servers, databases, load balancers, license servers)
  • Health monitoring of resources and application services
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