• Accuracy – PowerLVS meets or exceeds foundry expectations, many times proven in silicon on 40nm and above
  • Shorter time to market – LVS debugging from within familiar environments
  • Capacity – PowerLVS was designed to easily handle the largest layouts


  • Ultra-fast scanning of layouts
  • PWRL advanced rules & checks
  • A suite of comparison algorithms
  • Integrated LVS debugging, cross-probing between schematic and layout of 3rd party tools when working in integration mode
  • Short Finder utility

About PowerLVS

PowerLVS is designed to complement PowerDRC and is driven by the same One-Shot scanning and thepowerful yet easy-to-use rule language. It combines a fast, high-capacity extraction engine with a suite of comparison algorithms to deliver unmatched accuracy. PowerLVS offers ease of use in debugging and is integrated with popular layout and schematic viewers.