Natively Flat Design Highest accuracy Fewer tape-out iterations / re-spins

Shorter time to market

Unique “One Shot” Technology Predictable performance / runtime (less dependent on design complexity) More effective scheduling & budgeting
Multi-CPU Scalability Highest PV performance in the industry Flexibility to make schedule vs. budget tradeoffs
Pay-per-use The only pay-per-use PV tool available on the market Significant cost savings, pricing predictability
Compatibility Supports GDS, OASIS, and OpenAccess layout formats natively, Netlist SPICE, Verilog for LVS, ADS format when integrated with Keysight ADS Is integrated with KLayout, ADS Keysight, TexEDA
Cloud-based One of the first sign-off quality cloud-based PV tools in the world Work place flexibility, worldwide access, on-demand & virtually unlimited computing resources
Security Amazon AWS EC2 compliant with ISO/IEC 27017 standard. All user account data are encrypted. SSL secured connection Amazon firewalls are used against DDoS attacks, MAC or IP spoofing and ARP poisoning