What is PVCLOUD, and how can I run DRC/LVS on it?

Is PVCLOUD available worldwide?

What are the benefits of using PVCLOUD?

Is PVCLOUD safe?

Are there any limitations of running PV with PVCLOUD?

How am I going to be billed for PVCLOUD usage?

I am not a POLYTEDA customer, can I still use POLYTEDA CLOUD services?

What are the limitations for PVCLOUD trial period?

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Q: What is PVCLOUD, and how can I run DRC/LVS on it?

On top of the Amazon hardware resources, POLYTEDA CLOUD provides the user-friendly and secured web UI (Nefelus CMS) to access the hardware and pre-installed PowerDRC/LVS physical verification tool. Nefelus CMS enables submitting PV tasks either in the batch or GUI mode to the cloud nodes, monitor the task execution, and download the results back when the PV tasks are completed.

If you have any questions on PowerDRC/LVS tool, please refer to our FAQ pages on PowerDRC/LVS.

Q: Is PVCLOUD available worldwide?

PVCLOUD is available to customers worldwide. You can plug into an Internet connection anywhere to use our services.

Q: What are the benefits of using PVCLOUD?

PVCLOUD is times more cost-efficient than the traditional annual subscription for a PV tool primarily due to the employment of pay-per-use business model.

Scalability and flexibility is another significant benefit. For instance, you can run your DRC task for a big layout design using Amazon virtual machine with up to 128 CPUs and get your results in a few minutes rather than hours. Or you can opt for a small machine thus sacrificing some time but saving money. Each user determines how many CPUs to allocate for a specific PV task – the payment is charged on pay-per-used hours basis.

Last but not least is the benefit of saving infrastructure costs. You will save on the servers and associated costs like power, cooling, space, maintenance, etc.

When it comes to PVCLOUD, there is an overhead associated with uploading your design, initializing an Amazon cloud machine load, and downloading your results back. If your PV task is under 5 minutes then the time to get your results may be doubled on the cloud (but you still pay only for that time not for a year ahead).

Cloud becomes extremely beneficial when the total run time is longer than an hour. PowerDRC/LVS allows splitting independent verification tasks (be it rules or layout parts) among several cloud nodes which will substantially cut your verification time.

Q: Is PVCLOUD safe?

PVCLOUD is installed on top of Amazon AWS EC2 compliant with ISO/IEC 27017 standard on cloud services security.

Firewalls and other networking features are used against different types of Network attacks such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, Media Access Control (MAC) or IP spoofing and Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) poisoning, etc.

All data are kept encrypted at all times. No third party, nor even POLYTEDA CLOUD employees, can access the user data at any time. POLYTEDA CLOUD maintains cloud access and encryption keys on a per-customer basis. Keys for cloud access are encrypted with the user’s password. Authentication using this password ensures that the keys are available only to the authorized user to launch and access clusters on PVCLOUD.

Q: Are there any limitations of running PV with PVCLOUD?

  • Available are machines with up to 128 CPUs
  • The results can be downloaded only once the active session is closed
  • No text editor is available in the GUI mode
  • No integration with Cadence or Synopsys design environments is available at the moment.

Most of these limitations do not apply to the desktop version of PowerDRC/LVS available from POLYTEDA LLC for Windows or Linux at traditional annual subscription terms.

Q: How am I going to be billed for PVCLOUD usage?

Your pay-per-use total bill will consist of two parts:

  • the fee for the specific Amazon machine you select to run your PV task
  • the fee for the usage of PowerDRC/LVS

The PVCLOUD services are pre-paid. As long as you maintain a positive pre-paid account balance, you can use PowerDRC/LVS for physical verification on any of the available hardware configurations. Cloud management system will charge your account balance every time you run PowerDRC. You are only billed for the actual usage of the PowerDRC/LVS license, i.e. for the time when your PV task is running.

Q: I am not a POLYTEDA customer, can I still use POLYTEDA CLOUD services?

Yes, but in order to register for a cloud account, you need firstly sign the NDA. Once your NDA is approved you can request PVCLOUD access.

Q: What are the limitations for PVCLOUD trial period?

There are a few:

  • the total available balance cannot exceed 25 tokens (1 token = 1 USD)
  • maximum trial period is set to be 2 weeks
  • maximum available disk space is limited up to 10 GB