Kiev, Ukraine, Jan 13 2021 – POLYTEDA CLOUD LLC, a provider of physical verification tools and services, today announced the general availability of PowerDRC/LVS version 2.7

This release is dedicated to delivering improvements for the extraction of custom device parameters (LVS, RCX), as well as for the control over parameters comparison (NVN). Among others:

In addition to that:

  •  Improved extraction of parasitic resistors
  •  Improved extraction of fringe capacitors
  •  Improved merging of parallels in NVN
  •  Improved diagnostics on parameters matching
  •  Improved scaling of parameters for custom devices
  •  Improved M-parameter calculation inside a custom subckt
  •  Added support of CentOS 7.9
  •  Added “Highlight All” feature to facilitate work with other EDA tools
  •  Added calculation of dtype/vtype parameters

Please review Release Notes for more information.
PowerDRC/LVS is designed to process integrated circuit (IC) designs of various size at technology nodes up to 28nm, with short and completely predictable run times. It is massively scalable and up to an order of magnitude faster than the existing solutions. PowerDRC/LVS achieves this scalability and turnaround time through the use of a unique data structure and proprietary window scanning technique.

Production Quality

During beta test period, POLYTEDA team worked with wide list of partners and evaluators in Europe, US and Asia to validate accuracy and performance for production on real world data.

Foundry Support

Sign-off quality ruledecks are available for X-FAB, TowerJazz, IHP and some other fabs. Contact us to learn more about the availability of rule decks for your foundry process.


The desktop version of PowerDRC/LVS 2.7 is officially available from POLYTEDA CLOUD and can be easily integrated with popular design environments. Please contact for more details. If you are interested in getting a copy of PowerDRC/LVS with free evaluation license, please send your request via web site.


POLYTEDA CLOUD LLC is a rapidly growing  European SME company focused on development of innovative cloud-based physical verification solutions and supplementary tailored EDA services  for semiconductor foundries and their customers. For more information about POLYTEDA and its products, please visit