Kiev, Ukraine, Oct 5 2020: POLYTEDA CLOUD LLC, an innovator in cloud-based physical verification (PV) tools for the semiconductor industry, has announced today the availability of the new PV runsets for its desktop products for X-FAB, the leading analog/mixed-signal and MEMS foundry.


The products involve traditional desktop tool PowerDRC/LVS. Now IC designers who are using X-FAB’s 350nm high performance high-voltage (XH035) and modular high-voltage (XH018) temperature analog/mixed-signal CMOS processes can get access to time-based subscription for PowerDRC/LVS tool and technical support by POLYTEDA.


The new runsets are already available at X-FAB’s customer portal “My-FAB”.

About PowerDRC/LVS

POLYTEDA’s PowerDRC/LVS enables rapid verification of new designs to ensure accuracy prior to mask creation and manufacturing. It can process multiple design rules and design layers simultaneously. In addition to superior processing speed, PowerDRC/LVS can handle huge amounts of data – up to one billion  transistors per hour when utilizing 100 CPU cores.



In addition to PVCLOUD the cloud-based platform, POLYTEDA allows X-FAB’s customers to run its classical desktop physical verification toolset for both block-level design and sign-off stage. PowerDRC/LVS is an affordable PV solution, which will help save costs and dramatically reduce time to market especially for small and medium-sized enterprises,” said Alexander Grudanov, POLYTEDA Chief Executive Officer. “We are pleased to expand our PV platform at X-FAB and look forward to further adding more PV runsets for other processes in Q4 2020 and later”.

“We are very pleased to announce expansion of our classical EDA support to now include PowerDRC/LVS runsets enabled for our major HV-CMOS processes alongside the existing cloud-based flow with PVCloud,” said Joerg Doblaski, X-FAB Chief Technical Officer. “The availability of PowerDRC/LVS allows our customers to choose the most efficient flow for the given purpose, based on the same runset. We are looking forward to expanding the support of POLYTEDA PV runsets for more of our processes in Q4 2020 and later”.


POLYTEDA CLOUD was founded in 2015, developing cloud-ready PV workflow based on the fastest and most accurate flat engine in the market supporting hierarchical and multi-CPU capabilities. PowerDRC/LVS addresses the complex physical verification stage of microchip design of a sign-off quality, which is a critical stage prior to manufacturing at a semiconductor foundry. POLYTEDA CLOUD engineers have the superior experience in developing high-end software for the microelectronics industry.