Kyiv, Ukraine, December 28, 2018

POLYTEDA CLOUD LLC, a provider of physical verification as a service (PVaaS), today announced the general availability of PVCLOUD solution version 4.4 including CMS 4.3 and updated PowerDRC/LVS 2.4.

The new version of cloud management system features:

– New Amazon-like biz model for Billing System (per second charging)

– Ability for an operator to edit time zone and biz model at Companies report

– Ability to add biz model (Time-based or Aggregated) at new Company page

– Dramatically improved functionality of Collaboration mode

– New layout of Run->Tools page

– Dynamic switching of edit/browse capabilities for collaborators of a session

– Added PDF browser in File Manager

– Improved user experience in File Manager (hierarchy descending, auto refresh, copy-paste issue of big files, etc.)

– Improved mechanism for configuring Mount Points

The update of PowerDRC/LVS includes minor improvements mostly related to operations in the cloud.

The new version will be installed at all providers of PVCLOUD services in January 2019.