POLYTEDA CLOUD has visited prestigious DTU Electrical Engineering department on the occasion of the beginning of cooperation.
DTU Electrical Engineering is the central DTU department within Electrical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering. It conducts its research on acoustics, antenna and microwave technology, audiology, biomedical engineering, power electronics, playware, robotics, electric power and energy.
An important part of the research is carried out in close cooperation with the industry to ensure research and engineering training at the highest international level.
POLYTEDA CLOUD develops a breakthrough technology and corresponding physical verification (DRC/LVS) toolset that are key for industrial competences. It helps pilot spin-offs to train students doing commercial solutions. They play key role in removing the initial barriers for young engineers to enter the profession as well as fostering access to innovative solutions.
The innovative software PV tools for integrated circuits (ICs) controls the quality of the IC design before it hits the semiconductor foundry. The innovative solution from POLYTEDA CLOUD is a combination of cloud computing and traditional EDA tools.
Nowadays microchips are made using specific and super-thin process nodes allowing for more than billion devices on a chip. That makes it crucial to have special means of design and check automation.