Kyiv, Ukraine / Frankfurt (Oder), Germany

POLYTEDA CLOUD LLC, a developer of cloud-ready physical verification workflow, announced today the beginning of commercial exploitation of its PVCLOUD solution at IHP, a research institute of the Leibniz association and developer of innovations for high performance microelectronics.

PVCLOUD aims at providing state-of-the-art PV services in a cloud environment thus addressing foundry challenges in efficient physical verification and increasing the sales of foundry proprietary IP. With cloud-based physical verification workflows like PVCLOUD foundries may generate additional revenues from pay-per-use services, apart from gaining new clients.

PVCLOUD increases the productivity of foundry private cloud and gives an opportunity for foundry clients to obtain much cheaper physical verification services – compared to current high-end tools – due to cloud-based SaaS,” – said Alexander Grudanov, POLYTEDA CLOUD Chief Executive Officer. “Our team is willing to give IC designers the superior performance of physical verification tools combining accuracy, multi-CPU scalability, and data security. We believe this is a crucial point in reforming the industry.”

POLYTEDA CLOUD plans to further collaborate with IHP to bring more innovations to the EDA market having one of the leading European R&D fabs as a partner for bridging the way to industrial foundries.

POLYTEDA CLOUD LLC founded in 2015, headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine, develops cloud-ready PV workflow based on the fastest and most accurate flat engine in the market with hierarchical and multi-CPU capabilities. POLYTEDA CLOUD introduces an innovative, new business model to the traditional EDA industry. The core component of PVCLOUD – PowerDRC/LVS – addresses the complex physical verification stage of microchip design with a sign-off quality, critical before the actual manufacturing at the semiconductor foundry. POLYTEDA CLOUD engineers have the superior experience in developing high-end software for the microelectronics industry.

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Alexandra Nazola

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