POLYTEDA CLOUD LLC, a developer of cloud-ready physical verification workflow, announced today the completion of a joint qualification program for POLYTEDA’s PowerDRC/LVS core tool for the global specialty foundry leader TowerJazz TS18SL and TS18PM processes and the availability of foundry-validated DRC runsets for PowerDRC/LVS.

With the advanced tools like PowerDRC/LVS, IC designers may have access to a fast, accurate, and cloud-ready signoff solution that accelerates time to market and improves manufacturability of chips targeted for TowerJazz 180nm process technology.

Integrated circuits designers currently need fast, accurate and affordable physical verification tools such as PowerDRC/LVS,” said Alexander Grudanov, POLYTEDA CLOUD Chief Executive Officer. “Our team is committed to contributing to the EDA industry with qualitative advanced technologies certified by such semiconductor leaders as TowerJazz foundry.”

POLYTEDA CLOUD LLC plans to further support the technologies of TowerJazz, while developing a productive strategic partnership with the global specialty foundry leader.

POLYTEDA CLOUD LLC founded in 2015, headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine, develops cloud-ready PV-workflow based on the fastest and most accurate flat engine in the market with hierarchical and multi-CPU capabilities. POLYTEDA CLOUD introduces an innovative, new business model to the traditional EDA industry. PowerDRC/LVS addresses the complex physical verification stage of microchip design with a sign-off quality, critical before the actual manufacturing at the semiconductor foundry. POLYTEDA CLOUD engineers have the superior experience in developing high-end software for the microelectronics industry.

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