Speed and accuracy

Our PV workflow PVCLOUD delivers superior speed and accuracy compared to current high-end PV tools

Predictable behaviour

Schedule your project, plan the budget and execute accordingly with no missed deadlines

Productivity advantage

Ease of learn and ease of use with the unique support of your special demands

PVCLOUD - Innovative PV workflow

the fastest and most accurate PV at the best price!


POLYTEDA CLOUD has developed an innovative cloud-ready physical verification workflow for semiconductor foundries – PVCLOUD.


PowerDRC/LVS is an efficient and innovative cloud-ready tool for physical verification of ICs covering principal DRC and LVS tasks both in single- and multi-CPU modes.

Nefelus CMS

The CMS is an IT software platform built on existing cloud infrastructure technologies to make the IC design process distributed and global for fabs customers.

PVCLOUD components

Advanced physical verification solution

Established in


Years total team EDA background


proven multi-CPU scalability on 64 CPUs


Foundry Validated Runsets for POLYTEDA PowerDRC/LVS Available at TowerJazz

POLYTEDA CLOUD LLC, a developer of cloud-ready physical verification workflow, announced today the completion of ...

PowerDRC/LVS 2.3.1 released

Kyiv, Ukraine, October 11, 2017 - POLYTEDA CLOUD LLC, a provider of physical verification as ...

POLYTEDA CLOUD meets the Vice PM of Ukraine to discuss the future of H2020 in Ukraine

POLYTEDA CLOUD meets the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Ivanna ...

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